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Immersive Heritage

Working With You

Our work often involves constructing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for our clients in the heritage and environmental sectors. 


We passionately believe in the power of history and culture to empower communities, to give people a sense of importance, and foster positive change in the world. 


When we embark on a project, our fundamental approach is to embrace the latest in immersive capture techniques, but also to consider other tools that may enhance production (sometimes the oldest technology works perfectly fine!)  Our capture tools include but are not limited to: 360 Cameras; volumetric film capture (making holograms) drones; 3D audio, game engines, plus much more. 


LIPA Studio

Using Green Screen Capture

London Road
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A still from our VR experience ‘Firehouse’ - the history of London Road Fire Station


Featured at the Manchester Science Festival and Manchester Histories Festival.

Link to the experience here.

Our Approach


We often work with artists, artist groups, and organisations that are looking to create something special but do not necessarily know the steps involved.  We work our magic on projects and create amazing experiences by close involvement and thorough research of the subject matter, whilst utilising our passion for history and the environment, and our technical knowledge and skills in immersive production.   We always put in the extra effort so we can ‘wow’ our audiences. 

Orkney VR

Immersive heritage Captures: Orkney


Aerial Image of a Ring Fort (Fairy den) in County Sligo Ireland – Courtesy of the Artist Joe Duffy, for our Immersive VR Experience ‘Cillini’

Delivering the Experience

Delivering the Experience

Once we have filmed, recorded the sound, and/or 3D captured the project material, we then use our team of editors and developers to craft the experience for your chosen use.  We frequently deliver for the following devices:


  • Meta Quest 2/3

  • HTC Vive

  • Microsoft Hololens

  • Google Cardboard

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • The Internet

Our Immersive Experience ‘Mill Girls & Militants’ – A VR Dance Experience Exploring the History of the Suffrage Movement - Shown in Schools Across Lancashire.

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AVLOGOGOLD Size Increased.png
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A Background in Film


Before starting out in immersive technology, we were making films for organisations and groups across the north-west. We've been incredibly fortunate to have met and worked with people to tell important stories about heritage and history.

Salford Lads Club Netball Party

Other Work


We've worked across lots of other heritage projects including the following augmented reality projects: ​

A film made in collaboration with The University of Manchester

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