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Fireground: Greater Manchester's Firefighting Story

The Virtual Museum; An Augmented and Virtual Reality Experience

The Client

Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Trust is the governing body for Fireground Museum. Established in February 2008, its mission has been to usher the Museum into a new era of sustainability, drawing inspiration from the successes of other renowned museums.



The Project


The project, known as the "Virtual Museum" represents a collaboration between AVimmerse and the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum in Rochdale.


At its culmination, the project delivers an immersive virtual reality experience centered around the historic Control Room at Rochdale Fire Station.


This immersive experience delves deep into the room's rich historical significance, with a particular focus on the pivotal role women played in orchestrating emergency responses to fires. In addition, we created an online space, granting users the opportunity to embark on a virtual journey to the Control Room, where they can engage in an enlightening exploration of its storied past.

The final piece of this project was an augmented reality experience seamlessly integrated within the museum's physical space. This transformative encounter is accessible for download on both iOS and Android devices, empowering users to explore the history of the fire station at Rochdale.

Take a look HERE.


Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Control Room (22nd May 1968)


Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Fire Station

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The Goal

The ultimate aim of this project was to entice individuals to visit the online space and embark on a journey of heritage exploration. Additionally, we wanted to encourage users to download the accompanying app, thereby further enhancing their immersive experience.


This year long project was completed after careful consultation with the museum’s curator Bob Bonnor. Their primary objective was to harness immersive technology as a means to captivate and connect with a younger demographic, specifically targeting individuals aged 13 to 15 years old.

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What We Did

We leveraged Blender as the cornerstone for crafting the Control Room model, skillfully executed by our talented artists Ronnie Holland and Chris Frost, who meticulously crafted the wall cabinet.

For the auditory finesse and project guidance, we sought the expertise of Jenny Walker Studio. In the realm of user experience programming, Joshua Simpson, our dedicated Unity Developer, played a pivotal role in shaping the project.


Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Control Room Augmented Reality

Notably, Alexis, our accomplished 2D artist, breathed life into the augmented reality experience through her exceptional design prowess.

Want To Engage Your Audience?

If you're enthusiastic about exploring the possibilities of augmented or virtual reality for your own projects or ventures, we're here to collaborate and bring your ideas to life. 


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