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MA Fashion - Guest Lecturing @ Manchester Metropolitan University

In 2022, Keith Myers was asked to assist Manchester Metropolitan University’s Fashion Department and to deliver lectures and workshops on their innovation unit. During the course of several months, we designed and delivered lecturers and learning material based on innovation in immersive technology, 3D design in Blender, Unity3D, future media and how to use the ‘metaverse’ platform can be used.

In addition, we provided feedback to students on individual pieces of work they were creating for their MA in Fashion and subsequent degree show.

Results from the students included an online degree show from Natalija Siukstiene, whose ‘…design practice utilises methods such as traditional design in combination with innovative digital technologies CLO3D, Blender, DAZ3D,3D printing, 3D body scanning and digital pattern making CAD systems such as Gerber AccuMark.’

The end result for Natalija was ‘her film for her Master degree show “Immortal Essence” and her private VR digital exhibition’, which can be viewed via the links:

Here is what Natalija had to say about the teaching we delivered:

‘Keith Myers was my tutor at Manchester Metropolitan University where I recently gained my Master’s degree in Fashion Design Technology. It was a wonderful experience in Keith’s class when we learned about immersive technologies: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I really enjoyed every lecture and seminar - his knowledge and enthusiasm in this subject sparked a real passion in the same for me and led me to pursue this in my final digital project:

Other students went on to produce art work that included QR codes and sustainable 3D printed fabrics.


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