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Resurgence VR
An Immersive Wellbeing Experience for Dementia Patients

Commissioned by The Lancashire Wildlife Trust and The Carbon Landscape Partnership

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The Client

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust (LWT) is one of the largest conservation charities in the North West, and since 1962, have dedicated themselves to protecting the wealth of wildlife that Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside have to offer.


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The Brief

In 2020 the LWT joined the Carbon Landscape Partnership* and, in their capacity as project leader, asked us to create a 360-degree film promoting the Landscape’s 10,000 hectares of post-industrial land which spans Salford, Wigan, and Warrington.

In particular, the Wildlife Trust wanted to make this renewed landscape, more accessible to those who would normally struggle to visit in person - especially dementia sufferers - to offer a form of escapism and, ideally, to encourage prolonged social interaction.


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What we did

Inspired by conversations we had with local residents, we were determined to capture the diversity of wildlife, history and heritage that the Carbon Landscape has to offer, and to create something truly engaging for our end-users.

After assessing multiple locations, and armed with the latest in 360-degree film technology, we recorded a series of natural hotspots – from Boardwalks and Peat Bogs brimming with Reeds, to fields of Bullrushes, Cotton Grass and Yellow Flag Lilys, all bursting with life and colour.

During the editing phase, we combined our high-quality 360-degree visuals with interviews, monologues and poems written by local residents, to translate the importance of these green spaces in our society and our individual wellbeing.


Resurgence VR

The end product - ‘Resurgence’ - is a Virtual Reality experience which enables those with limited mobility to engage with their local nature reserves and habitats, from the comfort of their own home. Immersed in the heart of several natural spaces, users have the ability to look up, down, and all around, whilst listening to the experiences of others who frequent the Mossland, Meadows and Peat Bogs that they can see.

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* The Carbon Landscape Partnership is a £3.2million project backed by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, designed to connect and restore ecosystems across 10,000 hectares of post-industrial land throughout Salford, Wigan and Warrington.

**With roughly 55 million people suffering from dementia globally, the illness is creating a growing challenge for health providers everywhere. In the UK alone, the number of dementia patients is estimated at around 850,000, and thus many organizations are now dedicated to finding ways of minimizing the negative impact this illness has on patients and those caring for them.

Amongst the many debilitating symptoms of dementia, patients suffer from progressive memory loss and immobility. This means certain wellness-boosting experiences – like going outside – eventually become inaccessible to them.

AVimmerse are incredibly proud to have been able to create this product for The Wildlife Trust and The Carbon Landscape Partnership, with dementia sufferers in mind. 

If you have a heritage, history, or wellbeing-based idea that you would like to bring to live with Immersive media, drop us a note.

We’d love to chat!

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To experience Resurgence VR for yourself, or to share this film with a loved one, follow the instructions in this guide.

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Resurgence Project - National Trust.jpg

AVimmerse are incredibly proud to have been able to create this product for The Wildlife Trust and The Carbon Landscape Partnership, with dementia sufferers in mind.

We hope to contribute to similar opportunities in the future.

If you would like to bring your history, wildlife, or wellbeing-based idea to life with immersive media,

contact us using the form below.

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