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Petrichor VR – A ground-breaking theatre experience

When venues were shut and human connection was limited, this innovative production company hired our creative director to bring their vision of a different reality to life.

Behind the scenes

The Client

Manchester-based production company, ThickSkin, are pioneers in modern theatre. Their work - in production, education, and community involvement – strives to champion diversity, and attract underrepresented audiences to the arts.



During the 2020 Pandemic, ThickSkin’s passion for innovation and accessibility led them to create one of the UK’s first Virtual Reality theatre productions – ‘Petrichor VR’.

Made for at-home-viewing on a smart device, or with a VR headset, Petrichor depicts a dystopian future; a time where life is monotonous and completely devoid of emotion and spontaneity, until a chance meeting between two unlikely individuals offers a small glimpse of what life could be.

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The Task

A major goal for this project was to safely reconnect audiences with the theatre during our national lockdown, when venues were forced shut and human connection was restricted.

But to turn their ground-breaking vision into reality, the producers of Petrichor needed an expert team… A group of people who understood the importance of their mission and who could help them deliver a truly innovative project.

After hearing about Keith Myers’ technical skill and reliability, ThickSkin hired him as their cinematographer. And over two full days, our founder used the Insta 360-pro camera to capture every inch of the performance in stunning, high-definition 360 video.

Petrichor VR

The result of this effort was an epic theatre experience that puts viewers right in the centre of the action, without leaving the safety and comfort of their home.

The mixture of bold videography, choreography, futuristic effects and music made for “gripping, immersive VR viewing”, as described by The Guardian.

Not only have ThickSkin broken ground for theatre by merging live and digital production and distribution, but they’ve introduced a new way of enjoying theatre to long-time lovers of live performance, as well as appealing to younger, digitally enthusiastic audiences who might otherwise had not been exposed to the art. And we’re proud to have played a big part in their success.

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Want to bring your own project to life?

​Pushing the boundaries of convention with immersive media production is what we do.
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Our expertise lies in strategy, idea generation and immersive media production.

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