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Virtual Reality Training for New Medical Professionals

The client

PatientCare Simulator VR was developed in collaboration with world leading academics. They use cutting edge medical and healthcare training; focusing on delivery of clinical scenarios to medical students, with over 20 years of academic healthcare teaching.

Patient Care VR

Onboarding VR

The Project

AVimmerse worked with medical professionals on their core mission to develop training simulations for Virtual Reality simulated scenarios for medical students.


We assisted in their growth, and early funding, by creating a world-leading immersive training simulations.


In particular, the founders wanted to leverage artificial intelligence, voice recognition, speech to text, and patient avatars, to develop an innovative method of teaching students how to clinically reason with patients.

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VR Simulation Image

What We Did

After assessing the project deliverables, we were able to recommend methods of approaching the project,

including using our design team to develop a visual concept and overall design approach for the project.

When then achieved sign-off of the project initiation document, detailing the project scope.

We used our extensive knowledge and skills from other Medical simulation projects to guide the process of design, testing, and implementing two medical scenarios: pancreatitis and SALT (speech and language therapy).

High Res male model

The Objectives

  • This included creating custom animations for the patients (using a mo-cap suit)

  • Dubbing the patient voices by hiring voice-over artists. Building the emergency training room

  • Creating 3D medical assets

  • Custom designed UI navigation

  • Designing and implementing lighting

  • Applying sound design for the ambience in the scenes.

Using high resolution scanned models

PatientCare VR Simulator

Pancreatitis Simulation

This VR experience allows users to step in the shoes of a medical clinician to correctly examine and diagnose a female patient who is suffering from Pancreatitis.


The user speaks to the patient and artificial intelligence is used to trigger the intention and animations

from the patient, e.g. gesturing where the pain is and talking about the problem.

We achieved this by using a motion capture suit.

What the user says is interpreted to text, and the response from the patient avatar is also converted

to a visual text that is feedback to the user inside the simulation.

SALT (Speech and Language Therapy) Simulation 

This VR experience allows users to step in the shoes of a medical clinician to correctly examine

and diagnose a male patient to perform speech and language therapy.


The user speaks to the patient and this is recognised by artificial intelligence, which we used to control the animation and correct vocal response from the patient avatar.
Feedback is provided to the user in the form of text to display what the patient is saying and what the user has asked.

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Experiencing PatientCare VR Simulator

If you are interested in testing this simulation for your healthcare training, then please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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