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Roundtable with Keith Myers @ AVimmerse | Can the Metaverse be Defined?

Keith Myers is Creative Director of AVimmerse.

After years spent creating quality 360 audio-visual content for a number of high-profile clients, the founder, Keith Myers, sought a new challenge - to master the art of experiential storytelling. To create truly immersive worlds in which users didn’t just control the narrative, but could also explore and engage in a whole new way.

During this episode, Ben is joined by co-host Jacob Ovendale and Keith to discuss the Metaverse; where we are now, the future, and how the Metaverse can be defined.

Thanks to The Regency for providing excellent hospitality for this podcast recording.

Listen to Keith talk about the Metaverse on the Venturi podcast.

01:29 Keith’s introduction

02:17 What is the Metaverse?

10:06 Investing sensibly in the Metaverse and immersive technology

19:09 Brand experiences and the Metaverse

24:29 Metaverse and the human brain

26:57 The excitement and fears around immersive technology

29:27 Putting the user at the heart of the process

31:00 Prototyping experiences

31:17 Gaming and the Metaverse

35:59 Platform ownership

40:38 How the technology can be used to help people ‘escape’

44:25 Real life vs technology

55:00 How fast technology evolves.

56:50 Could we lose our humanity?

1:01:08 Keith asks listeners to share what technology means to you and your journey.


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