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AVimmerse Delivers Unity Training for HOST MediaCityUK

In September 2021, AVimmerse teamed up with IN4 and HOST Salford to lead and deliver training for the Unity Professional Artist Bootcamp, part of the Greater Manchester Skills-City programme.

The programme is designed to provide students with industry work and practical projects using the Unity game engine. The course is structured around the official Unity syllabus and students take an exam to complete the course after a 12-week period. Full details can be found on the course via the site:

With a wealth of immersive sector experience, AVimmerse Creative Director Keith Myers delivered Unity professional programme training and in addition, practical Unity teaching exercises from a wealth of 6 years of immersive sector experience on commercial projects. ‘What Unity have planned for skills training is very impressive. Their learning plan is an attempt to plug the skills gap in the gaming and immersive sectors, which is particularly acute in the UK. However, I was able to provide students with practical tips that are not taught in classrooms or remotely, lessons you only learn from hands-on experience by working in the industry. These skills will strong-arm students in their future careers.’

In January 2022 Keith Myers will continue working with HOST Salford, and teaching immersive industry skills for the next cohort of Unity Professional Artists. You can read more about AVimmerse activities and Keith Myers via LinkedIn here.

The Home of Skills & Technology is an innovation hub at the heart of MediaCityUK. Find out more about HOST Salford via their site:

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