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The Leeds digital festival

Taking Audiences To Remote Locations: Why Immersive Media Production?

After successfully working in the immersive tech sector and teaching new media production to creatives for over 5 years, AVimmerse have been delivering multiple online technology talks.

In November 2020, AVimmerse were invited to deliver a talk on immersive media production to Leeds Digital Festival. Their aim was to educate on the possibilities of immersive technology, highlight how companies could enter the industry, and what tools could be used to make immersive content.

‘During our online talk, we focused specifically on new media production, which was aimed at giving creatives the tools and skills they could use to navigate the post pandemic world. Our open approach to media creation and inclusivity is fostered from an attitude of sharing, educating the next generation of creatives, and engagement with new audiences. The talk also aimed to provide those unfamiliar with Immersive media a good explanation and provide contemporary as well as historical examples of the technology and new art form’.

Contents of Talk


  • Introduction to Immersive definition

  • 360 Camera cinematography and editing

  • Matterport

  • Augmented Reality Production

  • Virtual Reality Production

  • Embodiment

  • Telepresence

​Plus much much more....

Check the video out below and watch back at your own leisure.


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