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Manchester Tech Festival - Utilising Immersive Technology vs ‘The metaverse’

Instead of just saying ‘you need to be on this metaverse’, why don't we take a moment to appreciate new technology and what it can bring us?

The idea of an interconnected superhighway, where users digitally traverse and purchase goods in virtual reality, has gained significant hype - but we're a long way from that moment, and it's wrong optic to view the world through when we are experiencing unprecedented social, economic, and environmental change. Instead, we can craft immersive experiences that have meaning, experiences that tap into the true power of immersive technology: the ability to connect us to other people, embody other characters, take us on magical journeys, and most importantly? Allow us to see life from another person's view. Rather than just 'doing it for the sake of doing it' - join me on a journey as I lay out the foundations of immersive technology, how it can deepen human understanding, drive empathy, and wow us. Learn how to tap the true energy of a new medium, without the hype - it's already amazing!

Talk 1 - The Pineapple Room

During his fireside talk, Keith Myers was introduced as someone who is doing a lot for the metaverse, and was asked to describe the future of digital twins, share success stories, and where we saw the tech heading.

Talk 2 - Immersive Technology Vs The Metaverse

In this talk Keith Myers was able to describe what he thought the metaverse could be, but described the real power is in creating meaningful experiences with immersive technology, with human centred design at the core of making experiences.


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