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Immersive Manchester: Understanding the Metaverse

Introduction: Immersive Manchester @ Enterprise City

Understanding the Metaverse

Immersive Tech News

Industry Talks x 2

Tech Demos

Thursday 01/12 - 6pm until 8pm

Charge for ticket £2.00 (less than a drink!) Please see details at the bottom.

Headcount approx. 60 – this is available to all adult groups, regardless of industry.

Immersive Manchester’s First Event – Understanding the Metaverse

Our first event is presented by Keith Myers, creative director from AVimmerse – creators of Immersive experiences for Medical training, fashion brands, and engineering solutions with VR/AR/MR technology. He is a resident of Bonded Warehouse, and has been collaborating across the region for 7 years in immersive technology.

What is the metaverse and should I care?

In this section we introduce you to the themes around new technology, and we will explain in layman’s terms what new words like ‘metaverse’ actually mean, and where the technology will likely head. This is an opportunity to understand technology terms and dispel jargon for practical applications for business. It’s also an opportunity to meet businesses and practitioners in this field.

Guest Speakers

We will be joined by two guest speakers, who will talk about their projects using immersive technology – details to be confirmed.


We will have immersive demonstrations available for people to try during the event. This will include technologies from augmented and virtual reality.

Community Event

Our goal is to connect enthusiasts, artists, business owners, and anyone with an interest in new technology. We want to make the event accessible to all people from varied backgrounds, into a place where ideas and learning can be shared.


Tickets for the event are charged at £2.00 – this is non-refundable – All fees are donated to a local charity.

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