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Hijaz Railway: Mentoring Project

Throughout 2022, AVimmerse were asked to provide mentoring and advice for projects completed with the creative solutions programme for Ithra Saudi Arabia.

One of the most notable projects was …”the story of 'The Hijaz Railway'. This was a VR story experience along the famous railway, which “…transports you back in time. Our VR experience…combines cinematic storytelling and tangible interactions to offer a unique and memorable experience.

The VR film is showcased as part of the Ithra programme on May 11, 2023:


"Set in the 1900’s of the Hijaz region, in current day Saudi Arabia, this Virtual Reality experience is a narrative recreation of a monumental train that, for a brief period, witnessed the stories of travelers from various regions and cultures. In this experience, you will embody one of the characters, Mazin, embarking on a journey to a new life. You begin to unravel his personal story through his letters and recollections..."

Our Mentoring.

The creative team behind this work consisted of Atheer Alharbi, Hanan Makki and Omar Khashoggi.

Our mentoring consisted of weekly meetings where we gave advice on technical project requirements and feedback on the current creative decisions the team were undertaking. Our regular dialogue with Atheer and Omar was a pleasure to conduct, and clearly the team were committed to making a great VR experience.

What the client had to say

"We were lucky to be mentored by Mr. Keith Myers along our journey to develop a VR experience during Ithraa's Creative Solutions Program. He was the perfect mentor for our project because of our shared interest in heritage. Mr. Myers supported us technically and creatively and helped us stay on track."

Omar Khashoggi

Plans for the future

We mentor and advise individuals and studios across the UK and overseas. We’ve been working in XR for over 8 years and bring a wealth of practical project experience to offer.

There are future plans in place to continue to support the creative solutions programme in 2023.

Do you want to create fantastic XR stories and build memorable work? Looking to harness the power immersive technology has to offer?

Then get in touch with us today.


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