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We are AVimmerse. Masters in Mixed Reality.

After years spent creating quality 360 audio-visual content for a number of high-profile clients, our founder, Keith Myers, sought a new challenge - to master the art of experiential storytelling. To create truly immersive worlds in which users didn’t just control the narrative, but they could also explore and engage with in a whole new way.

So, in 2019, AVimmerse was founded with four core principles guiding Keith’s mission:

Top-quality Production | Boundless innovation | Imagination | Creativity


Today, AVimmerse is a dispersed team of world-class artists, producers, designers and engineers who specialise in creating unforgettable, immersive experiences for our clients and their customers.


We use the latest in immersive technology and content to do the impossible – transport people through time; allow users to experience life as someone else; let them wander environments – real or by design - they’ve never seen before and normally wouldn’t have access to.

So whether you want to bring customers closer to your brand, purpose and mission with a virtual ‘day-in-the-life’, or give your organisation an unprecedented advantage over the competition with second-to-none customer training stimulations, we’ve got everything you need to do it. Simply contact us below, and we’ll be in touch.


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AVimmerse Services
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We’re trusted by some of the UK’s best education providers and brand-names, as educators and content-creators:

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